SeQent provides a software bridge between industrial Alarms & Events that occur in plant floor equipment and applications and dispatches information to textual and visual devices. SeQent’s product lines are sold through an extensive array of OEM private label and dealer reseller agreements, partnerships with automation supplier sales channels and directly to end users.


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FirstPAGE Automated Messaging

Automated Messaging


FirstPAGE™ provides an automated messaging platform capable of supporting thousands of messages per hour that distributes real-time information to any messaging device.

FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Alarm and Event Management

Alarm and Event Management

FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™

FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™ dispatches alarm or event notifications to any messaging device with automatic alarm escalation and on/off site awareness.

TeamCALL Team Member Dispatch

Team Member Dispatch


TeamCALL™ automates the team member assignment, team member dispatch, and alarm/event monitoring with automatic reminders and escalation.

ANDON-Industrial Digital Signage

Marquee Manager™

Marquee Manager™  provides an innovative content management solution that publishes data in real-time for Mobile, LCD/LED displays and tablets.

VideoSERVER Video Display and Audio Control

Video Display and Audio Control


VideoSERVER™ allows for the control and customization of any display surface with text, graphics, and sounds while creating a common interface across all display types.

Wi-Fi Messenger On Premise Wi-Fi SMS

On Premise Wi-Fi SMS

Wi-Fi Messenger™

Wi-Fi Messenger™ provides an instantaneous, secure and reliable Wi-Fi messaging delivery system that eliminates mobile carrier coverage dependency.