Team Member Dispatch

SeQent’s TeamCALL (TC) product line adds Automated Team Member Dispatch and Scheduling to our FirstPAGE product line. TeamCALL Server, combined with various TeamCALL Gateways or user developed applications utilizing the SDK, automates the assignment, dispatch and monitoring of team requests. The TeamCALL Server provides an easy to use interface for team leaders and supervisors to configure the system to automatically dispatch the next available qualified team member to a problem situation. Automatic reminders and escalation ensure that the events are handled in a timely fashion. 

TeamCALL requires three states for events to be dispatched: call, attended and cleared. For applications such as a Trouble Ticket System (ServiceNow) or an Enterprise Asset Management  System (MAXIMO) the creation of a ticket/work order will constitute the call, the acceptance of the ticket/workorder by the team member attended and the closing of the ticket/workorder clearing. For call button based solutions a three state button can be utilized to perform these same steps. TeamCALL sends messages/requests to skilled trades informing them that a task has been assigned to them and manages these in a batting order rotation. 

Using the TeamCALL Server as the hub, adding TeamCALL Gateways or user written applications interfacing via an SDK, automated Team Member Dispatch and scheduling is easily implemented freeing team leaders and supervisors to assist the team in managing critical events.

TeamCALL Racing Team

Key Features

  • Automated batting order team member assignment
  • Reminder messages and escalation
  • Training/ apprentice association
  • Manual override of assignment
  • Multi-member assignment
  • Return to queue delay to facilitate paperwork completion

Components included in our solutions

  • TeamCall Server, team management server that is the core of SeQent’s automated team management and coordination solution
  • TeamCALL Administrator, an administration tool that allows users to create and maintain the team, member and schedule configuration
  • TeamCALL Web Administrator, a web based admonition tool that allows users to create and maintain the team, member and schedule configuration
  • TeamCALL SDK, is an Active-X based software development kit for user applications to interface with TeamCALL Server
  • TeamCALL Gateway for SNOW is a Gateway to the Service Now incident tracking system allowing TeamCALL to perform automated dispatch based on Service Now incidents

Family Members

TeamCALL ™ Server

TeamCALL Server is the heart of the TeamCALL suite of products. This server includes team membership and schedule management, the  real-time batting order hierarchy of who should be notified next when a team request is placed and which calls team members are currently allocated too and real-time management notification of un-serviced incidents. The unique features of TeamCALL allow automated assignment and dispatch of team members, with team manager notification of all events. The unique features of TeamCALL Server allow for completely automated dispatch of any operation from a team of qualified staff.


ActiveX SDK provides an easy to use interface for adding the power of TeamCALL team management to any request based system.

Web Administrator

Full web based administration for all team and schedule management.

Gateway for SNOW

Gateway for SNOW provides a bridge between ServiceNow and TeamCALL.