SeQent’s VideoSERVER (VS) technology is available in both a hardware appliance form or as a software license and allows you to connect standard LCD monitors, video projectors and Digital Signage to any TCP/IP network. In addition, the VideoSERVER Emulator can replace display software provided with full-matrix LED displays. The VideoSERVER TCP/IP enables any standard display device, providing both network connectivity and display formatting. Providing marquee-like formatting capabilities, standard VGA, DVI or HDMI based video displays can be used as small screen marquees. With a small format and standard based interfaces, the VideoSERVER solution facilitates machine or station level ANDON at a very low cost. Using the VideoSERVER Web Emulator a mobile ANDON solution can be architected enabling mobile devices such as phones and tablets to see a real time view of any Marquee Manager controlled display. 

Combined with our Marquee Manager products the template switching feature permits a single display to present data for many different applications (i.e., Facilities, Health & Safety, Maintenance, Production, Quality). Template switching may be timed, or controlled via external conditions or triggers. Having no moving parts and an embedded operating system, the VideoSERVER Appliance does not require OS service packs or virus scanning. Marquee Manager, supporting both VideoSERVER controlled displays, as well as traditional line and full matrix LED displays, facilitate the creation of a hybrid heterogeneous network of displays. 

Purchasing the appropriate VideoSERVER license or appliance for each display to be controlled, and the appropriate Marquee Manager products, data from almost any source can be displayed in near real-time on one or many displays.


Key Features

  • Support for traditional ANDON LED displays and LCD panels
  • Template switching
  • Audio alerts and queuing
  • Object queuing
  • Support for up to 16 million colors
  • Collaging of data from multiple sources
  • Sophisticated display objects

Components included in our solutions

  • VideoSERVER Emulator, video display control for LCD as well as traditional LED pixel based ANDON displays
  • VideoSERVER Appliance, no moving parts embedded processor preinstalled with the VideoSERVER Emulator
  • VideoSERVER Web Emulator, web based rendering of ANDON displays for smartphones, tablets and other HTML5 web browsers
  • VideoSERVER Configuration Editor, a layout administration tool for designing display templates
  • VideoSERVER Gateway for WebSockets, provides the communication layer for the VideoSERVER Web Emulator


Appliance is a hardware version of the VideoSERVER Emulator.


Emulator is a software only version of the VideoSERVER Appliance.

Configuration Editor

Configuration Editor is an easy-to-use layout tool that allows the user to create and maintain ANDON  templates for one or more VideoSERVERS.

Gateway for WebSockets

Gateway for WebSockets provides real-time gateway between Marquee Manager Server and WebSockets enabled browsers.

Web Emulator

Web Emulator is a HTML5 version of the VideoSERVER Emulator