Industrial Automation Software – Product Edition Comparison Video

Our Wireless Alarm and Event Notification product lines are offered in three flexible and affordable base editions tailored to meet the needs of each company.

In the automation and manufacturing space, SeQent has offerings to collect data from virtually any device or application. Each edition includes our innovative communication platform that leverages our direct native gateways with our input partners and our integration with industrial automation systems. Our wide range of direct native input gateways ensure that key information such as alarm and event occurrences, KPI’s, and OEE statistics are published to output devices in real-time.

This video will take you through the standard, advanced, and enterprise product editions and help you decide which edition is best suited for your company.

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SeQent is a leading industrial automation software provider and early pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space.

Our Alarm Notification Software, Andon-Visual Display Management, Industrial Automated Messaging, and Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging solutions provide a bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices. This bridge allows you to receive alarm and event notifications in real-time, learn about equipment problems before they happen, respond to emergencies quickly, and more. Unify your plant floor communication through a user-friendly platform with our full range of device connectivity including Motorola Solutions two-way radios, smartphones, PA speakers, pagers, LED/LCD displays, tablets, Zebra Workforce Connect clients, and more.