SeQent solutions are installed and can be used in many other industries and verticals including Chemical, Energy, Healthcare, Heavy Equipment, Metals and Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Transportation and Logistics and Wastewater Treatment facilities.

All of these industries have plants that have some level of automation and Alarm & Event conditions that need to be proactively monitored. Furthermore, these plants have hourly and salaried employees that need to be notified in real-time. No other solution can build as many bridges between your Capital Equipment and your Human Capital and the communication devices.

SeQent Solutions:

  • Provide a Proactive Monitoring Solution (for Life Safety / Building Management, Maintenance, Production, Quality, and Systems)

  • Enhance your Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Six Sigma Investigations, etc.

  • Reduce Production Lead Time

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

  • Reduce Cost Associated with Material Waste, Labor, Energy Consumption, and More

  • Improve Overall Assets, Operational Effectiveness and Performance (OEE and KPI’s)

Want to know if your organization could benefit from SeQent Solutions?