Mobile and Industrial Visualization Software Product Spotlight

Marquee Manager™ ANDON – Visual Display Management

SeQent’s Marquee Manager product family monitors manufacturing environments and sends real-time, automated messages to visual and/or audible devices the moment a tolerance is breached.

Using Marquee Manager, lean manufacturing ANDON solutions can be fully implemented in a few days rather than weeks or months, often without an integrator on-site. With gateways supporting the collection of ANDON alerts from HMI/SCADA solutions, Building Management Systems, Enterprise Asset Management systems, Fire Alarm Panels – Marquee Manager ensures that wherever your ANDON data is stored it can be accessed.

Key Features:

  • Delivers real-time information to most active matrix ANDON boards, including legacy marquee displays & LED/LCD displays
  • Display KPI data with real-time embedded data
  • Easy-to-use message management system including prioritization and queuing of ANDON alerts
  • Trigger Events when a data value or bit reaches a certain value
  • Forward HMI/SCADA event messages
  • Easily reconfigurable by in-house staff for flexible or agile manufacturing environments with developing ANDON requirements

Product Family Overview

The Marquee Manager™ product family includes various components that complete the Andon-Industrial Digital signage solution. The Marquee Manager Server is the core of the display management product family.

Marquee Manager Server

Provides a scalable, enterprise-wide software application that is the core of SeQent’s LED/LCD display management system.

Marquee Manager Administrator

Allows users to create and maintain one or more Marquee Manager Server ANDON display configurations from any workstation.

Marquee Manager Gateways

Provides a bridge between most industry standard ANDON inputs and the Marquee Manager Server.

Marquee Manager Client

Provides a simple, easy-to-use interface that pushes manual messages to LED display/ANDON boards via Marquee Manager Server.




To learn more about Marquee Manager, visit our Product Page.