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FieldServer Technologies is the leading manufacturer of protocol gateways used in the building automation industry to link third-party and proprietary devices to open networks. With over 100 protocols, over 700 translation paths and over 55,000 installed devices, FieldServer is the recognized source of the interface in the industry. SeQent utilizes FieldServer’s protocol gateways to provide our customers with integration to their life safety panels, fire alarm panels, HVAC and building automation systems. Implementing FieldServer’s technology enables customers to be notified of any events within the monitored systems the same way they are notified of manufacturing events.

Coupling SeQent’s product lines with FieldServer’s offerings provides an advanced communication platform for any FieldServer supported devices such as Building Automation Systems or Life Safety/Fire Alarm panels. FirstPAGE Alarm Manager provides a discrete messaging solution allowing any FieldServer collected data to be evaluated and if out of specification instantly routed to a hierarchy of responsible parties escalating the Alarm through the hierarchy until the Alarm is cleared. The Marquee Manager product line allows for ANDON displays to be created with Alarms and tags sourced directly from FieldServer connected devices.

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