JPS has a long history and experience in the design and manufacture of equipment that interconnects disparate radios systems to each other or to analog and digital telephones, using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to resolve the various problems that can occur when different communications systems are linked. The heart of all JPS interoperability products and capabilities is our ACU Intelligent Interconnect Technology which provides transparent and reliable communications interoperability between disparate radio systems, analog and digital telephony systems, cellular and satellite phones, dispatch consoles and other audio communication systems.

SeQent and JPS Interoperability Solutions joined together to provide text-to-speech and Land Mobile Radio integration via RoIP Technology. The FirstPAGE Link products allow for text messages to be converted to speech and dispatched to any LMR/2-way radio platform supported by JPS Interop.

Our strategic and tactical partnerships enable us to jointly provide value to our end user customers that help them to increase productivity and profitability.

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