Wi-Fi Messenger Client for iOS


The Wi-Fi Messenger Client for iOS provides a native iOS application for sending and receiving text messages. Optionally, when a handset leaves Wi-Fi coverage, messages can be auto-rerouted for carrier SMS delivery or other destinations.  Upon returning to Wi-Fi coverage, registration with the Wi-Fi Messenger Server is automatic. Messages can be received from server applications (FirstPAGE Server / SNPP) or sent handset to handset. Full control is provided over notification methods for both initial notifications and reminders. Picture taking and sending are available but may be disabled via the server configuration. Message status icons indicate the delivery/read state for messages. For those users with smartwatches paired with their handsets or tablets notifications are received on the watch automatically. Threading of conversations is configurable on a contact-by-contact basis. The client is compatible with mobile handsets and tablets.


  • Discrete control of initial and reminder notifications
  • Real-time view of server connectivity
  • Real-time view of message delivery and read status
  • Camera support (Optional)
  • Compose messages offline
  • Handset battery life monitoring
  • Handset signal strength monitoring
  • Apple Watch Support


  • General- Site


Product Requirements

Operating System

  • iOS 11.x
  • iOS 12.x
  • iOS 13.x
  • iOS 14.x
  • iOS 15.x
  • iOS 16.x