Wi-Fi Messenger Server


Wi-Fi Messenger Server is the heart of the Wi-Fi Messenger suite of products. The server is the connection point for all handsets/tablets and allows for SNPP input from one or more sources. Monitoring device connectivity the server will automatically re-route messages to a carrier delivery path in the event the device is not registered on the local network. Devices returning to local network connectivity are automatically switched back from carrier to Wi-Fi delivery.



  • Message delivery state monitoring
  • Highly scalable supporting > 2000 simultaneous users
  • High throughput with sustained delivery of > 5 messages/second
  • Handset health monitoring
  • Authentications supported: internal, LDAP, MS Azure AD(OIDC)
  • Automated failover to carrier on loss of connectivity
  • Control over handset camera access
  • Host on-premise or in Azure private/public cloud
  • Alarm acknowledgement


Product Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft Win2K12
  • Microsoft Win2K16
  • Microsoft Win2K19
  • Microsoft Win2K22

System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • RAM: 16GB


  • TCP/IP
  • MDAC V2.8 SP1(SP1+)