SeQent Announces the Expansion of TeamCALL to Include Gateways for ServiceNow and OPC

London, ON – October 4, 2016 – SeQent, the leading provider of innovative Real‑Time Wireless Alarm & Event Notification and ANDON-Industrial Digital Signage solutions is announcing that they have expanded their TeamCALL product line to include interfaces for ServiceNow and OPC. TeamCALL adds an automated team member dispatch and scheduling component to the FirstPAGE family of products.

TeamCALL Gateway for ServiceNow is an application which provides an interface to monitor ServiceNow incidents and based on user-defined criteria auto-assign and dispatches incidents to team members capable of servicing the incident. Allocated team member information is automatically added to the incident to ensure ServiceNow users are aware of the current status of the incident and the assigned individual who is servicing the issue.

TeamCALL Gateway for OPC provides the ability to gather data from one or more OPC DA or OPC HDA compliant servers and dispatches incidents to team members capable of servicing the incident or request. TeamCALL Gateway for OPC can be used as an input for a 3-stage call button interface where a call or request is made, once the member arrives he pushes the button a 2nd time to acknowledge attendance and once the work has been completed the button is pressed a 3rd time.

The addition of these two new Gateways to the TeamCALL product line significantly expands this offering. This enables other systems and processes to leverage an automated dispatch and scheduling solution freeing supervisors to assist the team in managing critical events, says Scott Burns, SeQent’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

About SeQent

SeQent is an early pioneer and leading software provider in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space and provides a software bridge between Alarms & Events that occur in plant floor equipment, application, systems and pushes information to textual and visual devices. This enables hourly and salaried workers to make better-informed decisions that improve productivity and quality while increasing plant floor visibility and profitability. Creating new or utilizing the logic and business rules already set up, KPI’s can proactively be sent to MOTOTRBO™ digital radios, Cisco Instant Connect clients, pagers, PC’s, smartphones as well as LED/LCD displays and tablets.

The company is privately held and headquartered in London, Ontario Canada. For further information, please visit or e-mail:

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