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SeQent is a leading industrial automation software provider and early pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space with over two decades of experience and thousands of installations worldwide. Our Wireless Alarm Notification Software, Andon-Visual Display Management, and On-Premise Wi-Fi SMS solutions provide a bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices. This bridge allows you to receive alarm and event notifications in real-time, learn about equipment problems before they happen, respond to emergencies quickly, and more. Unify your plant floor communication through a user-friendly platform with our full range of device connectivity including Motorola Solutions two-way radios, smartphones, PA speakers, pagers, LED/LCD displays, tablets, Zebra Workforce Connect clients, and more.

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Recognized world leader in plant floor messaging & visualization technology with over 20 years experience and global deployment

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Partnership and alliances with leading industrial automation vendors such as General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Motorola Solutions, and more

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The most robust and scalable technology platform on the market serving a wide range of markets such as automotive, food & beverage, CPG, and more