SeQent is a London, ON Canada based company and an early pioneer and leading software provider in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. We provide the most user-friendly and scalable notification platform on the market that enables hourly and salaried workers to make better-informed decisions that improves productivity and quality while increasing plant floor visibility and profitability. Creating new or utilizing the logic and business rules already set up in Life Safety, Facilities, Production, Quality and Maintenance systems, key information can proactively be sent to Motorola MOTOTRBO™ two way radios, pagers, smartphones, Cisco Instant Connect clients, Zebra Workforce Connect clients as well as LED/LCD displays and tablets.

SeQent’s product lines are sold through an extensive array of OEM private label and dealer reseller agreements, partnerships with automation supplier sales channels and directly to end users.

Leveraging Plant Floor Messaging and Communication Solutions Reduces Downtime

With the manufacturing industry clearly rebounding, global markets are expanding and capital expenditures seemingly increasing to support worldwide demand. Domestically, plant capacity utilization is at all-time highs for many verticals, especially for the automotive OEM’s. Business is good for most and many are forced to make critical decisions as to how best to spend their capital. Do they invest in expanding their current operations? Or, do they look to build new Greenfield plants? Regardless, because you can’t improve unless you measure, you need a proactive monitoring system.

Downtime is widely considered the “root of all evil” for manufacturers and negatively impacts plant efficiency, performance, and the bottom line. Leveraging plant floor messaging and communications solutions enable hourly and salaried employees to make better-informed decisions as they have access to Real-Time information that can limit downtime occurrences.

For those manufacturers who have adopted global standards and common systems, the decision to expand or build becomes a little easier. Why is this, because they have likely implemented some sort of production monitoring solution as well as adopted methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or TPS to Lean out their operations.

For more information, view the SeQent TeQnology Brief:

Our Mission

To support our customers’ continuous improvement initiatives by providing cost effective solutions that identify out of tolerance events in real time and distribute critical information in a highly visible way to decision makers.


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