Industrial Automated Messaging


SeQent’s FirstPAGE (FP) Industrial Automated Messaging product family provides a high-volume automated messaging platform that publishes text and voice data in real-time to a wide range of communication devices. FirstPAGE offers a generic interface to a multitude of messaging platforms, enabling simplified communication and configuration. With support for many output protocols or platforms including email, SMS, databases, voice and two-way radios, combined with various connectivity options (serial, modem, TCP/IP, databases), FirstPAGE allows for a vast combination of custom implementations. This innovative and cost-effective product enables messaging to the right people at the right time with features such as automated failover provider paths, connection management, time zone configuration, schedule configuration, distribution lists, and more.

Industrial Automated Messaging FirstPAGE

Key Features

  • Delivers messages to a wide range of personal communication devices

  • Texting interface to MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, Conventional and Connect Plus two-way radio systems

  • Supports a wide variety of protocols

  • Offers a full suite of administration tools, all accessible remotely

  • Distributed architecture supporting unlimited number of providers, destinations and distribution lists

  • Supports any national service provider or any in-house paging system

  • Offers unique alarm escalation hierarchy – see Alarm Manager

  • Publish data in near real-time from multiple sources

  • Support for automated fallback to alternate communication paths to deliver messages to providers

Components included in our Industrial Automated Messaging solutions

  • FirstPAGE Server, a PC-based, scalable enterprise-wide software application that is the core of SeQent messaging system

  • FirstPAGE Administrator, an administration tool that allows users to create and maintain a database of usernames, PIN numbers, service providers, and output media

  • FirstPAGE Gateways provide an interface to collect, monitor and route data from applications, systems, and equipment for publication to messaging devices.

  • FirstPAGE Client and Web Client, a manual messaging interface available as a Microsoft Windows-based or web-based application

  • FirstPAGE Alarm Manager, Alarm and Event lifecycle management which pages repeatedly according to specified escalation hierarchy and scheduling rules

  • Paging Administration System Server provides a single interface for administering a Zetron 2xxx series paging terminal and FirstPAGE Server

  • Paging Administration System Administrator provides the administration interface for the Pager Administration System Server in a separate package

  • FirstPAGE Links provide standardized SNPP interfaces to outside systems which require a complex interface

  • FirstPAGE Portals allow end user devices to control what messages they receive via a simple text messaging interface and provides remote control of their associated FirstPAGE Destination state (enable/disable)

Starting with FirstPAGE Server as the foundation, select one or more of the FirstPAGE applications to enable the collection of the data desired to be published or extend FirstPAGE Server with an offboard protocol.