Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform

Wi-Fi Messenger

SeQent’s Wi-Fi Messenger (WFM) product family provides an autonomous communications network built on an internal Wi-Fi network. This innovative and cost-effective product enables secure and reliable Wi-Fi message delivery that eliminates the requirement of a SIM card and carrier contract, as well as mobile carrier coverage dependency. Offering extremely fast on-premise message delivery and employee location tracking in dangerous environments, Wi-Fi Messenger is the ultimate rapid alarm dispatch platform.
Wi-Fi Messenger offers a standard IETF SNPP input for message transactions and handset applications for message composition, delivery and management. One Wi-Fi Messenger Server can accept inputs from any number of SNPP clients simultaneously and support hundreds of handsets. Wi-Fi Messenger will monitor each device’s battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength, and device location, which significantly increases employee safety when on-site in hazardous environments.
When paired with FirstPAGE Server, the Wi-Fi Messenger solution can automatically forward messages to a public carrier’s SMS network or any destination FirstPAGE Server supports. This automatic routing occurs when the device leaves the Wi-Fi network and will disable when the device returns to Wi-Fi connectivity. Adding FirstPAGE Alarm Manager will enable alarm delivery in a few seconds when devices are within Wi-Fi coverage and notification via SMS when offsite.


Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform

Key Features

  • Autonomous Wi-Fi operation

  • Automated failover to carrier delivery

  • Unlimited SNPP clients

  • Customizable initial and reminder notification actions

  • Licensing based on device count

Components included in our Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform solution

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Server, a scalable facility-wide software application that is the core of SeQent Wi-Fi Messenger platform

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Administrator, an administration tool that allows user to create, maintain and monitor the Wi-Fi Messenger Server configuration

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for Android, the native Android SMS application for mobile phones and tablets

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for iOS, the native iOS SMS application for iPhones and iPADs

Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform: Product Family Members

Wi-Fi Messenger Server

Wi-Fi Messenger Server is the core of the Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform Solution. The server is the connection point for all handsets/tablets and allows for SNPP input from one or more sources. Monitoring device connectivity the server will automatically re-route messages to a carrier delivery path in the event the device is not registered on the local network. Devices returning to local network connectivity are automatically switched back from carrier to Wi-Fi delivery.

Starting with Wi-Fi Messenger Server as the foundation, select one or more applications to provide an autonomous communications network that can be built off of an internal Wi-Fi network.