Wi-Fi Messenger

On Premise Wi-Fi SMS

SeQent’s Wi-Fi Messenger (WFM) is an On Premise Wi-Fi SMS messaging system consisting of a software server providing a standard IETF SNPP input for message transactions, and handset applications for message composition, delivery and management. Supporting completely autonomous operation, handsets connected to the facility’s self-contained Wi-Fi have messages delivered without a mobile carrier network. One Wi-Fi Messenger Server can accept inputs from any number of SNPP clients simultaneously and support hundreds of handsets.

When paired with a FirstPAGE Server the Wi-Fi Messenger solution can automatically forward messages sent to devices not currently registered with the local Wi-Fi to a public carrier’s SMS network or any destination FirstPAGE Server supports. This automatic routing occurs when the device leaves the Wi-Fi network and is automatically disabled when the device returns to Wi-Fi connectivity. For devices with VPN access to the facility network WFM delivery can occur over carrier data networks as well.

Starting with the Wi-Fi Messenger Server as the base component, add a license pack for the number of devices to be connected, and the client applications for the device types to be used. Combining these components an autonomous communications network can be built off of an internal Wi-Fi network. Adding FirstPAGE automatic fail over to carrier based SMS delivery is possible for devices leaving the Wi-Fi coverage and roaming onto a carrier network. The addition of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager enables alarm delivery in a few seconds when devices are within Wi-Fi coverage and notification via SMS when offsite.

On Premise Wi-Fi SMS Wi-Fi Messenger

Key Features

  • Autonomous Wi-Fi operation

  • Automated failover to carrier delivery

  • Unlimited SNPP clients

  • Customizable initial and reminder notification actions

  • Licensing based on device count

Components included in our solutions

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Server, a scalable facility-wide software application that is the core of SeQent Wi-Fi Messenger platform

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Administrator, an administration tool that allows user to create, maintain and monitor the Wi-Fi Messenger Server configuration

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for Android, the native Android SMS application for mobile phones and tablets

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for iOS, the native iOS SMS application for iPhones and iPADs

Family Members

Wi-Fi Messenger Server

Wi-Fi Messenger Server is the heart of the Wi-Fi Messenger suite of products. The server is the connection point for all handsets/tablets and allows for SNPP input from one or more sources. Monitoring device connectivity the server will automatically re-route messages to a carrier delivery path in the event the device is not registered on the local network. Devices returning to local network connectivity are automatically switched back from carrier to Wi-Fi delivery.

Starting with Wi-Fi Messenger Server as the foundation, select one or more applications to provide an autonomous communications network that can be built off of an internal Wi-Fi network.