Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform

Wi-Fi Messenger

SeQent’s Wi-Fi Messenger (WFM) product family provides an autonomous communications network that may be built on an isolated internal Wi-Fi network as well as a private or public Azure cloud infrastructure. This innovative and cost-effective product enables secure and reliable message delivery that if deployed on an internal Wi-Fi network eliminates the monthly cost of a carrier SIM for each device. Deployed on an Azure cloud Wi-Fi Messenger supports global connectivity for alarm and event notification.

In either deployment architecture, should Wi-Fi or carrier data be lost, optional automatic failover to carrier SMS delivery may be configured on a handset-by-handset basis. Offering extremely fast on-premise message delivery Wi-Fi Messenger is the ultimate rapid alarm dispatch platform.

3rd party applications may utilize Wi-Fi Messenger for dispatch via it’s standard IETF 1861 SNPP input for message transactions and handset applications for message composition, delivery and management. Optionally supporting photo transmission between handsets, this feature may be disabled for sites that do not allow photographs to be taken. One Wi-Fi Messenger Server can accept inputs from any number of SNPP clients simultaneously and support hundreds of handsets. Wi-Fi Messenger also provides visibility as to the client version installed and is also capable of monitoring each handset’s battery life.

Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform

Key Features

  • Autonomous Wi-Fi operation

  • Automated failover to carrier delivery

  • Unlimited SNPP clients

  • Customizable initial and reminder notification actions

  • Licensing based on device count

Components included in our Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging Platform solution

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Server, a scalable facility-wide software application that is the core of SeQent Wi-Fi Messenger platform

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Administrator, an administration tool that allows user to create, maintain and monitor the Wi-Fi Messenger Server configuration

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for Android, the native Android SMS application for mobile phones and tablets

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for iOS, the native iOS SMS application for iPhones and iPADs

  • Wi-Fi Messenger Client for Wear OS, the native Wear OS SMS application for wearables

Starting with Wi-Fi Messenger Server as the foundation, select one or more applications to provide an autonomous communications network that can be built off of an internal Wi-Fi network.