Marquee Manager

ANDON – Industrial Digital Signage

SeQent’s Marquee Manager™ product family monitors manufacturing environments and sends real-time, automated messages (Alarms, Events, KPI’s, OEE) to visual and/or audible devices including LED display/ANDON boards, LCD/Industrial Digital Signage, stack lights and sounder alarms the moment a tolerance is breached. An integral part of any lean initiative, LED/LCD displays provide visibility into the activity on the plant floor but need to be driven by a robust, easy-to-use software solution. Marquee Manager is the only multi-vendor ANDON/visualization solution, supporting the majority of LED display/ANDON boards on the market, including legacy models.

Using Marquee Manager, lean manufacturing ANDON solutions can be fully implemented in a few days rather than weeks or months. With gateways supporting the collection of ANDON alerts from HMI/SCADA solutions, Building Management Systems (BMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems, Fire Alarm Panels – Marquee Manager ensures that wherever your ANDON data is stored it can be accessed.

Marquee Manager Server as the core provides connectivity to all display devices. Layering various Marquee Manager Gateways data from various sources may be intermixed and combined to create display content and trigger audible alerts. Adding Marquee Manager Client products enable users to manually enter adhoc messages to any Marquee Manager controlled display.

ANDON - Industrial Digital Signage Marquee Manager

Key Features

  • Delivers real-time information to most active matrix ANDON boards, including legacy marquee displays & LED/LCD displays

  • Our industry-standard NETCON Unit Protocol™ control language is implemented in numerous manufacturers’ ANDON boards

  • Easy-to-use message management system including prioritization and queuing of ANDON alerts

  • Display KPI data with real-time embedded data

  • Trigger Events when a data value or bit reaches a certain value

  • Forward HMI/SCADA event messages

  • Full suite of flexible ANDON administration tools, all accessible remotely

  • Multiple applications may publish information to the same shared LED or LCD display

  • Easily reconfigurable by in-house staff for flexible or agile manufacturing environments with developing ANDON requirements

Components included in our solutions

  • Marquee Manager Server, a scalable, enterprise-wide software application that is the core of SeQent’s LED/LCD display management system

  • Marquee Manager Administrator, an administration tool that allows users to create and maintain one or more Marquee Manager Server ANDON display configurations from any workstation

  • Marquee Manager Gateways, a bridge between most industry standard ANDON inputs and the Marquee Manager Server

  • Marquee Manager Client, a manual messaging interface allowing user-entered message on LCD Display/Industrial Digital Signage/ANDON displays

  • LED Display/ANDON Displays, marquee and ANDON displays used to communicate information to a large audience

  • LCD Display/Industrial Digital Signage, LCD panels and large industrial signage used to communicate information to a large audience

Family Members

Marquee Manager™ Server

SeQent’s Marquee Manager Server powers LED display/ANDON boards by delivering real-time information to decision makers while increasing the visibility of the information across the plant floor.

Starting with  Marqee Manager Server as the foundation, select one or more applications to display desired content, trigger audible alerts, manually enter ad-hoc messages, and more.