FirstPAGE Alarm Manager™

Alarm and Event Management

SeQent’s FirstPAGE Alarm Manager (FPAM) product line manages the entire lifecycle of alarms and events and automatically dispatches notifications to communication devices in real-time. When an alarm or event takes place, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager sends the information to the first responder and will automatically escalate through a specified hierarchy until it is acknowledged. FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server, combined with various FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways, form a homogeneous environment easily managed from a centralized location. The FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server allows for the execution of a messaging hierarchy including repeat messages as events age, the delay before sending an initial message to ensure the event is not transient, and multiple levels of escalation. 

FirstPAGE Alarm Manager only requires the source system to report “alarm active” and “alarm inactive”, for any alarming event. Additional logic need not be added to the process control solution (i.e. PLC or HMI/SCADA system) or Building Management/Life Safety Systems to provide a very robust escalation tree. Easily scalable to handle thousands of alarms per hour, a single FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server can be used to dispatch alarms from 20+ homogeneous or heterogeneous gateways. 

Alarm and Event Management FirstPAGE Alarm Manager

Key Features

  • Manages the entire life cycle of alarms from initiation to termination

  • Provides escalation schemes with message content, repeat counts and delay

  • Initial delay feature suppresses momentary alarms until a full alarm condition is detected

  • Wildcard and specific alarm mapping

  • Import/export for easy mass configuration and reconfiguration

  • Real-time embedded alarm values

  • Multiple applications can send messages to the same device

Components included in our solutions

  • FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server, is a scalable enterprise grade alarm management server

  • FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Administrator, an administration tool that allows users to create and maintain the database of alarm rules

  • FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Web Administrator, a web-based administration tool that allows users to create and maintain the database of alarm rules

  • FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways, build a bridge between proprietary alarm sources and FirstPAGE Alarm Manager

Family Members

FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager Server

A sophisticated alarm management engine providing wildcard base alarm rules, templated escalation schemes and message composition. Managing the life cycle of alarms from initiation to termination FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server is the heart of the SeQent alarm management solution.

Starting with FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server as the foundation, select one or more FirstPAGE Alarm Manager applications to provide application alarm queue routing or collect raw data values to establish business rules for alarm triggering.