Automated Messaging Product Spotlight


FirstPAGE™ Industrial Automated Messaging

SeQent’s FirstPAGE (FP) Industrial Automated Messaging product family provides a high-volume automated messaging platform that publishes text and voice data in real-time to a wide range of communication devices. FirstPAGE offers a generic interface to a multitude of messaging platforms, enabling simplified communication and configuration. With support for many output protocols or platforms including email, SMS, databases, voice and two-way radios, combined with various connectivity options (serial, modem, TCP/IP, databases), FirstPAGE allows for a vast combination of custom implementations. This innovative and cost-effective product enables messaging to the right people at the right time with features such as automated failover provider paths, connection management, time zone configuration, schedule configuration, distribution lists, and more.

Product Family

The FirstPAGE product family includes various components that provide a complete high volume text messaging ecosystem. The FirstPAGE Server is the core of the FirstPAGE automated messaging product family.

FirstPAGE Server

Provides a centralized interface to multiple messaging providers and implements distribution lists, scheduling, queuing, automated failover provider paths, and connection management.

FirstPAGE Administrator and Web Administrator

It allows easy local or remote management of the FirstPAGE messaging engine and enables the creation of configuration, monitoring of activities, viewing of logs, and message audit trail.

FirstPAGE Gateways

Provides a path for external data to flow into the FirstPAGE Server for publication to any FirstPAGE Destination. These components build bridges to standard manufacturing industry inputs (OPC, ODBC) and allow for generic input with E-Mail (SMTP) mailboxes.

FirstPAGE Client and Web Client

Provides a manual messaging interface available as a Microsoft Windows-based application or a web-based application. Capable of sending manually composed messages with either of these interfaces to any destination within the FirstPAGE framework.

FirstPAGE Links

Extends the capabilities of the FirstPAGE Server to allow dispatch to devices hosted in complex communication networks or proprietary systems. Using Links, FirstPAGE Server may dispatch text messages or text to speech audio to various systems.

FirstPAGE Portals

Allows end-user devices to control what messages they receive via a simple text messaging interface and provides remote control of their associated FirstPAGE Destination state (enable/disable).

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Quality
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Alarm Response Time
  • Increase Employee Safety


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Company Overview

SeQent offers full-service unified Smart Manufacturing Software Solutions that provide a bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices. Our cost-effective, innovative, and infinitely scalable solutions are easy to install and implement, saving you time and ensuring that you experience rapid improvements and maximize the return on your investment.
With real-time access to operations, key information will get to the right people at the right time with our wide range of device connectivity, including, Motorola Solutions’ digital two-way radios, smartphones, PA speakers, pagers, LED/LCD displays, tablets, Zebra Workforce Connect clients, sounders, and more.