Automotive Manufacturing Software Solutions

The automotive manufacturing industry continues to invest a significant amount of capital towards optimizing and expanding their body & paint shops, final assembly, machining, power train and stamping operations domestically and abroad. Many different systems are utilized in the build process and SeQent solutions are adopted as a corporate standard by all three (3) domestic OEM’s. We continue to add value by providing real-time information to staff so they can make data driven decisions from the systems that manage and control these operations. Reach out to us to find out how SeQent Solutions can dispatch material calls & maintenance requests and provide real-time motivational information (Target vs Actual, hourly build counts) and production & equipment fault reporting in real-time.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

SeQent Automotive Manufacturing Software Solutions:

  • Provide a Proactive Monitoring Solution (for Life Safety / Building Management, Maintenance, Production, Quality, and Systems)

  • Enhance your Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Six Sigma Investigations, etc.

  • Reduce Production Lead Time

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

  • Reduce Cost Associated with Material Waste, Labor, Energy Consumption, and More

  • Improve Overall Assets, Operational Effectiveness and Performance (OEE and KPI’s)

Automotive Manufacturing Industry: OEM Use Case


Automotive Manufacturing Industry: OEM Use Case

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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