Food and Beverage Manufacturing | Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing Software Solutions

For the Food & Beverage Manufacturing industry and the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, manufacturers need to streamline processes to reduce downtime and improve productivity, performance, and profitability. The Connected Enterprise leveraging Smart Manufacturing technologies such as SeQent – enables these manufacturers to gain efficiencies, improve production & packaging line performance and reduce energy consumption by providing a proactive monitoring solution. Reach out to us to find out how SeQent Solutions can proactively monitor key production component states (oven temperature, tank levels, etc.), packaging line state/issue reporting, and transfer pump state monitoring in real-time.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software & Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing Software Solutions by SeQent:

  • Proactively Monitor your Systems

  • Bridge Between Human Capital and Capital Equipment

  • Increase Yield, Plant Visibility, and Quality

  • Reduce Downtime

  • Improve Production and Packaging Line Performance

  • Improve Industrial Energy Efficiency

Nation Pizza Slices Response Time with Motorola Solutions and SeQent

A manufacturer of baked, prepared and frozen foods from Schaumburg, IL uses Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO™ digital radios to improve plant efficiency by 10%. Watch this Video:

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Case Study

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Valley Queen Logo

How Plant-Floor Communication Solutions Helped Cut Downtime

A dairy manufacturer from Milbank, SD expanded their operations and built a software bridge from its Rockwell Automation HMI/SCADA environment and Motorola Solutions two-way radios.

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