Semiconductor Manufacturing Software Solutions

With demand in the semiconductor manufacturing industry for low-cost, high-volume and flexible manufacturing, the ecosystem including device makers, equipment makers, and foundries need leading-edge automation and information technology solutions. SeQent solutions enable these capital-intensive manufacturers to create their cutting-edge microprocessors and memory devices by leveraging a Real-Time Decision Solutions (RTDS) platform that proactively monitors both the product and the process looking for system anomalies. Reach out to us to find out how SeQent Solutions can proactively monitor power quality, hazardous production materials and gas delivery, as well as provide real-time life safety notifications.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

SeQent Semiconductor Manufacturing Software Solutions:

  • Provide a Proactive Monitoring Solution (for Life Safety / Building Management, Maintenance, Production, Quality, and Systems)

  • Enhance your Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Six Sigma Investigations, etc.

  • Reduce Production Lead Time

  • Reduce Cost Associated with Material Waste, Labor, Energy Consumption, and More

  • Improve Overall Assets, Operational Effectiveness and Performance (OEE and KPI’s)

  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry: Use Case


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