Marquee Manager Server


SeQent’s Marquee Manager Server provides innovative and cost-effective Andon Software; it is the core of the SeQent Andon – Visual Display Management Software Solution.
Marquee Manager Server powers LED display/ANDON boards by delivering real-time information to decision-makers while increasing the visibility of the information across the plant floor. This robust component ensures that messages destined for an ANDON board have all the necessary control characters needed to instruct the board on how to optimally display the information. Additionally, Marquee Manager Server continually refreshes ANDON messages to ensure that all posted content is accurate. With sorting and prioritization built-in, Marquee Manager Server significantly reduces the effort to implement an ANDON solution.

Removing all of the complexity of driver development, Marquee Manager Server is the heart of your ANDON solution. Coupled with appropriate gateways, an ANDON solution can be implemented within days utilizing Marquee Manager Server.


  • Easily manages hundreds of ANDON boards simultaneously
  • Sorts and prioritizes ANDON messages with 10 levels of prioritization
  • Multiple applications can publish ANDON events to the same display board
  • Time syncs ANDON clocks automatically
  • Detailed transaction logging



  • General- Per Server


Operating System

  • Microsoft Win2K12
  • Microsoft Win2K16
  • Microsoft Win2K19
  • Microsoft Win2K22

System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • RAM: 16GB


  • TCP/IP
  • MDAC V2.8 SP1(SP1+)