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Innovative & Cost-Effective Alarm Notification Software

Our Remote Alarm Notification Software manages the entire life cycle of alarms and events in real-time with automatic alarm escalation, alarm acknowledgement, repeat counts, and message delays.

  • Innovative, user-friendly, and infinitely scalable Remote Alarm Notification Software Platform that is highly customizable and easy to install.

  • Monitors alarms and events from a variety of different sources from life safety alarms, building automation, production/quality systems (HMI, SCADA, MES, ERP) or direct from equipment via interfaces to PLCs (OPC) or databases (ODBC).

  • When an alarm or event takes place, Alarm Manager will automatically escalate through a pre-defined hierarchy until it is acknowledged.

  • Provides advanced capabilities such as Escalation Schemes, add/swap/delete, wildcard-based alarm/event mapping and import/export.

Real-Time Alarm Escalation and Acknowledgement

  • Manages the entire life cycle of alarms and events

  • Initial delay feature suppresses momentary alarms until a full alarm condition is detected

  • Wildcard and specific alarm mapping

  • Import/export for easy mass configuration and reconfiguration

  • Real-time embedded alarm values

  • Multiple applications can send messages to the same device

Customer Success: Valley Queen Improves Decision Making and Increases Production, Quality, and Profitability

Customer Details: Dairy Manufacturer

“We met SeQent at the 2017 Rockwell Automation Fair in Houston. With assistance from our Rockwell Automation distributor Border States Electric and our Motorola Solutions dealer Electronic Engineering, a formal introduction was made, and we successfully installed a turnkey solution that built a software bridge between our FactoryTalk® View SE HMI environment and our Motorola Capacity Plus two-way radio system. This solution has transformed our plant floor communication process, and SeQent has demonstrated a willingness to take Voice of Customer (VoC) requests and make the appropriate changes. For instance, we met with them at the 2018 Rockwell TechED event in San Diego, and within a couple of months, our enhancement request was delivered, and the system is functioning as promised and expected.” – Lead Automation Technician, Valley Queen

IIoT Enabled Platform

Our Innovative Communication Platform leverages our strategic partnerships and our integration with industrial automation systems.

  • IIoT Enabled Platform – supports a wide range of inputs (applications and systems: ERP, MES, Life Safety) and outputs (devices and messaging destinations)

  • Easy Installation & Dynamic Configuration – user-friendly, rapid installation, and dynamic configuration

  • Multi-Lingual Character Support – our software supports the output of Unicode characters to both textual devices and visual displays

  • Centralized & Remote Management – access SeQent Solutions from any browser on any device

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