SeQent Alarm Notification Software Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status

SeQent Offers New PTC Marketplace solution, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for ThingWorx, Enabling ThingWorx Users to make better-informed decisions that positively impact production, quality, and the bottom line.

London, Ontario, September 2020—SeQent has joined the PTC Partner Network, and today announced that the integration of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager with PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform has been validated by PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) and has achieved ThingWorx Ready status. The PTC ThingWorx Ready program enables technology companies to validate their products’ interoperability with PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT platform. Following a product’s ThingWorx Ready designation, that product becomes available on the PTC Marketplace, a digital space where PTC partners and customers can access and promote IIoT tools, market-ready solutions, and innovative technologies designed to aid solution deployments.

The FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for ThingWorx allows customers to manage the entire life cycle of alarms with real-time notifications, automatic escalation and acknowledgement. This Gateway forwards user-selected alerts from ThingWorx to SeQent software for processing, extending the value of PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform. With this integration, companies can increase productivity, profitability, and quality.

“Collaborating with PTC to extend SeQent’s Industrial IoT portfolio was a natural choice for us. Having many large customers in common, and our historical success with their Kepware® product line, led us to choose ThingWorx as our next gateway interface. As the Industrial IoT space expands, SeQent is well-positioned with PTC ThingWorx as the interface of choice for manufacturing IIoT implementation,” says Scott Burns, Chief Technology Officer at SeQent.

“We’re pleased to welcome SeQent to the ThingWorx Ready program,” said Jonathan Kateman, Senior Vice President, M&A and Technology Partnerships, PTC. “Our network of technology partners allows us to offer our customers and partners innovative resources that add value to their IIoT solutions and enable them to accelerate time to business value.”

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SeQent is a leading industrial automation software provider and early pioneer in the IIoT space. With over two decades of experience and thousands of installations worldwide, we provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective Smart Factory Software solutions. Our Alarm Notification Software, Andon-Visual Display Management, Industrial Automated Messaging, and Industrial Wi-Fi SMS Messaging solutions build a bridge between industrial automation systems and communication devices.


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