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SeQent is a leading industrial automation software provider and early pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. With over two decades of experience and thousands of installations worldwide, we provide our customers with innovative, reliable, and cost-effective Industrial Automation Software solutions.

2806, 2023

SeQent Announces Support for OPC UA 

SeQent Announces Support for OPC UA London, Ontario, June 2023- SeQent announces a significant new feature release for our Industrial Automated Messaging, Alarm Notification, and Andon Visual Display Management Software. Adding support for OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) enables SeQent’s technologies to be used with any OPC UA data source. Adding support for OPC UA in SeQent’s OPC gateways allows any OPC UA enabled data source to be used as a trigger and a source for data to be published. Th [...]

1411, 2022

SeQent Releases Full Support for Windows Server 2022

SeQent Releases Full Support for Windows Server 2022 London, ON – November 2022—Microsoft announced the release of Windows Server 2022 on August 18, 2022. SeQent has now completed testing and certification of all SeQent products for this new Windows Server operating system version. As a token of our appreciation for your active Platinum Support contract, we are pleased to offer you a free upgrade to the new product releases that have been certified for this version of Windows Server. This upgr [...]

1811, 2021

SeQent Follows Microsoft and Retires Support for Windows Server 2008

SeQent Follows Microsoft and Retires Support for Windows Server 2008 London, ON – November 2021 – Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2008 will no longer be supported as of January 14, 2020. Since Microsoft will not be supporting this operating system, SeQent will be retiring the support of Windows Server 2008 with our products. In order to accommodate our customers using Windows Server 2008, we will continue to provide limited support to our software through the remainder of 2021. If [...]

809, 2020

SeQent Alarm Notification Software Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status

SeQent Alarm Notification Software Achieves ThingWorx Ready Status SeQent Offers New PTC Marketplace solution, FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for ThingWorx, Enabling ThingWorx Users to make better-informed decisions that positively impact production, quality, and the bottom line. London, Ontario, September 2020—SeQent has joined the PTC Partner Network, and today announced that the integration of FirstPAGE Alarm Manager with PTC’s ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platform has b [...]

3003, 2020

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Case Study

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Case Study Valley Queen SeQent Provides a Plant Floor Messaging and Communication Solution That Reduces Downtime CASE STUDY Milbank, South Dakota - Founded in 1929 by Swiss immigrants Alfred Nef and Alfred Gozenbach, Valley Queen is a dairy manufacturer in Milbank, SD.  Valley Queen can produce 200 million pounds of cheese from 2 billion pounds of milk annually into a variety of natural cheeses, dried lactose, WPC80, and anhydrous milk fat, which are mark [...]

303, 2020

Remote Alarm Notification Software

Explore the Power of Real-Time Decision Solutions by SeQent Discover how our Alarm Notification Software can help you decrease unplanned downtime and increase productivity, profitability, and quality Request Product Demo Innovative & Cost-Effective Alarm Notification Software Our Remote Alarm Notification Software manages the entire life cycle of alarms and events in real-time with automatic alarm escalation, alarm acknowledgement, repeat counts, and message delays. [...]

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