FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for COPA


SeQent’s COPA Alarm Notification Software Integration is part of the many interoperability capabilities that FirstPAGE Alarm Manager offers.
FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for COPA collects data from one or more COPA compliant work cells (FIS, AVI, etc.), allows business rule definition against the collected data and sends alarms to FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server for processing. Alarm information such as name, trigger test, and value, and various obtained values from COPA source are all available for alarm message composition.


  • Supports any COPA Server
  • Trigger events on one or more COPA compliant workcell
  • Many trigger test conditions; more than most SCADA systems
  • Calculation engine for data massaging
  • Real-time updates of embedded values during the lifetime of the event
  • Easy-to-use configuration GUI including browsing
  • Less downtime
  • Monitor for, and trigger on, bad or uncertain data integrity
  • Monitor for, and trigger on, workcell connection loss
  • Full logging of data changes and event activation/ deactivation
  • Rich function set for manipulating collected COPA data
  • Data type conversions
  • Event escalation


  • AVI Workcells
  • FIS Workcells
  • Any COPA AVI compatible server
  • Any COPA FIS compatible server


  • General- Per Server


Product Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft Win2K16
  • Microsoft Win2K19
  • Microsoft Win2K22


  • Chrysler FIS workcell(s)
  • Chrysler AVI workcell(s)
  • Chrysler Datamux

System Resources

  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • RAM: 16GB