FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager Server


FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server is the maestro of the SeQent Alarm and Event Notification suite. Operating simply on alarm or event on/off conditions all other aspects of the management of the alarm or event are handled by FirstPAGE Alarm Manager internally. The server manages all active alarms and events and dispatches notifications as defined using FirstPAGE Server. The FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server is the centralized configuration interface facilitating the mapping of alarms/events to a hierarchy of notification destinations including control over message composition, initial delay in notification and message repeat intervals.

FirstPAGE Alarm Manager has many advanced features to enable the administration of thousands of alarms easily with capabilities such as named Escalation Schemes, add/swap/delete, wildcard based alarm/event mapping and import/export features. As the centralized alarm management engine one or more FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateways can be purchased to monitor alarms and events from a variety of different sources from fire/life safety alarms, building automation, production/quality systems (HMI, SCADA, MES, ERP) or direct from equipment via interfaces to databases (ODBC) or PLCs (OPC). The API for interfacing with FirstPAGE Alarm Manager is published allowing internally written IT applications to interface directly with FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server to remit alarms and events for management.


  • Escalation hierarchy: includes built-in logic including attributes, delay before send, repeat and more
  • Sends terminate message to prevent unnecessary responses once problem resolved
  • Server configuration is hot reloadable, allowing real-time changes to the live system with no impact on alarms in process
  • Dispatches more than 60 pages per minute via modem and more than 10,000 pages per minute via direct connection
  • Time-based escalation



  • Per Server
    Licensing Options

  • By Agent
  • Managed Alarms


Product Requirements

System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • RAM: 1GB