FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager Gateway for FactoryTalk® View SE HMI


FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for FactoryTalk® View SE HMI forwards selected alarms from Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® View SE HMI to FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Server for processing.

Alarm information such as alarm name and trigger are all available for message composition.


  • Utilizes FactoryTalk® View SE alarm rules
  • Forwards FactoryTalk® View SE alarm text and fields
  • Wildcards supported at any group level or with an alarm name
  • Supports routing based on severity ranges
  • Time-based escalation
  • Fully automatic startup and connection
  • Utilizes existing business rules in FactoryTalk to reduce configuration and maintenance effort
  • Utilizes existing FactoryTalk® View SE alarm messages for continuity between viewer and messaging devices
  • Supports local stations and network distributed topologies


Product Requirements

System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 4GB
  • RAM: 1GB