Gateway for System Platform
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FirstPAGE™ Alarm Manager Gateway for System Platform


FirstPAGE Alarm Manager Gateway for System Platform is an application which is integrated with Wonderware System Platform to provide messaging capability in the event of a System Platform alarm. Completely integrated with System Platform including alarm browsing.

Wildcard configuration of alarms allows for a very small ruleset to accurately route hundreds or thousands of alarms with very little configuration.

Gateway for System Platform


  • Utilizes Wonderware System Platform alarm rules
  • Forwards System Platform alarm text and fields
  • Uses wildcard rules against alarms and their full path
  • Time-based escalation
  • Fully automatic startup and connection
  • Utilizes existing business rules in System Platform to reduce configuration and maintenance effort
  • Utilizes existing System Platform alarm messages for continuity between viewer and messaging devices


Product Requirements

System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 4GB
  • RAM: 1GB


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