FirstPAGE™ Server


At the core of the Wireless Alarm and Event Notification offering is the FirstPAGE Server text messaging engine. This robust messaging engine is a standardized interface between applications sending messages and personal communication devices on internal paging infrastructure, external service providers (pagers, mobile phones, smartphones), Motorola MOTOTRBO radios, Cisco IPICS/Instant Connect or Wi-Fi smartphone text messaging. FirstPAGE Server maintains a database of all destinations and distribution lists, the addressing information of the devices and the associated service provider connection information. The FirstPAGE Server configuration database can be shared with any application allowing messages to be easily dispatched from any part of the organization including internally developed IT applications.

FirstPAGE Server contains many advanced features such as automatic alternate path failover and failback, enhanced shift scheduling and automated administrative notifications of connectivity problems. The server has a capacity for thousands of messages per hour with a latency of less than 500ms for dispatch allowing it to support very high volume applications. For more advanced outputs FirstPAGE Link products enable FirstPAGE Server to be extended to support networks such as Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Cisco Instant Connect/IPICS, and automated Service Now trouble ticket creation. When paired with optional FirstPAGE products such as Gateways automated notification and publication of events from multiple data sources is easily architected. Adding the FirstPAGE Alarm Manager family of products allows for a robust enunciation network to be constructed ensure staff are notified regularly of outstanding events until they are resolved.


  • Highly scalable – supporting thousands of messages per hour to thousands of devices
  • Flexible: delivers messages to ANY personal communication device including smartphones, mobile phones, pagers, e-mail, Android, iPhone, BlackBerrys®, Motorola MOTOTRBO and fixed data receivers
  • Interfaces with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Devices
  • Easy to administer with add, swap and delete feature
  • Detailed transaction logging
  • Concurrent modem support
  • Unlimited number of destination and distribution list definitions
  • Language filter allows building of customized administrator database of prohibited words
  • Automated administrative notifications of failures and excessive activity
  • Automated link redundancy to carriers
  • Automated SMTP fallback during carrier outage
  • Scheduled automated administrative reports
  • Security access control
  • Destination schedules
  • Advanced shift scheduling capabilities


    Mobile Carriers/ Paging

  • PET
  • SMGP
  • SMPP
  • SMS
  • SNPP Level 1,2.3
  • UCP
  • Miscellaneous

  • Database/ ODBC
    Wireless Modems (Serial or IP connected)

  • D-Techs E-86S
  • MultiTech MultiConnect Cell 100 Series
  • MultiTech MultiModem rCell Series
  • Async Modems (Serial, USB or IP connected)

  • Any Windows Compatible Modem
  • E-Mail (IP or SSL/TLS)

  • SMTP



System Resources

  • Display: 800×600
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • RAM: 1GB