FirstPAGE Web Admin


This easy-to-use, flexible, industrial administration interface for FirstPAGE Server is accessible from any web browser on any supported device. It allows for all administrative functions, including database maintenance, destination testing and log viewing of one or more servers.
Supporting virtually any browser on any device FirstPAGE Web Administrator allows for the maintenance of FirstPAGE Server configurations from almost any device with a browser.


  • Manage one or more FirstPAGE Servers from any browser
  • Access controller by security interface
  • Multiple simultaneous administrators


  • General- Managed Server


Product Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft Win2K16
  • Microsoft Win2K19
  • Microsoft Win2K22


  • IIS 7.5+
  • .Net 4.5+
  • Microsoft Edge 84+
  • Google Chrome 72+
  • Mozilla Firefox 70+
  • Apple Safari v14+

System Resources

  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • RAM: 16GB