Marquee Manager Gateway for FactoryTalk® View SE Alarms and Events


SeQent’s FactoryTalk Visualization Software Integration is part of the many interoperability capabilities that Marquee Manager offers.
Our FactoryTalk Visualization Software Integration forwards selected alarms from Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View SE Alarms & Events to Marquee Manager Server for processing. Alarm information such as alarm name and trigger are all available for message composition.


  • Utilizes FactoryTalk A&E alarm rules
  • Forwards FactoryTalk A&E alarm text and fields
  • Uses wildcard rules against alarms and their full path
  • Fully automatic startup and connection
  • Utilizes existing business rules in FactoryTalk to reduce configuration and maintenance effort
  • Utilizes existing FactoryTalk A&E alarm messages for continuity between viewer and ANDON displays


Product Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft Win2K16
  • Microsoft Win2k19
  • Microsoft Win2K22

System Resources

  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • RAM: 16GB